I’ve tried tinyletters, podcasts, and twitter, but something is pulling me back to the blog format. The need for a place to think through things I’m reading and writing about without the anxious pace of a timeline or the pressures of planning and output that can come with other mediums. My main goal here is to use it as a means of study and sharing.

When not studying, I am Assistant Professor of Race in American Religion and Culture at Virginia Tech University. I primarily work with black theology and understand it as a form of black cultural production. As such, my scholarship is roots black theology in black radical traditions with a focus on reproduction, sexuality, and economics.

In addition to my academic work, I’m a songwriter and producer. I enjoy a wide variety of music but especially indie folk music, house, techno, and increasingly electro. I also am a co-host of the Assembly Podcast on the Political Theology Network and am always on the hunt for new skills to become mediocre at.

(Last modified on June 9, 2020)